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I have done just about everything I have always wanted to do: worked as a campus minister, became a teacher, married a nice man named Joe (36 years now), adopted three wonderful kids and watched them reach adulthood, lived overseas, earned my Ph.D., and recently became an RN. However the only thing I have not yet done is to write about my life's journey, even though I have written a lot of personal poems, mom notes to my kids, academic papers, and thousands of letters. I have a lot to write about because all those things I have done were accomplished on smooth roads with beautiful vistas, as well as on scary, twisted, hurricane alleys. Maybe you will find something here that you can relate to. And yes, I know that a preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence with.

Back In China 8 Holding Tight/Letting Go

Originally posted on August 7, 2011 Day 8   Wednesday, July 6, 2011 I think I mentioned that our apartment did not have Internet, which was difficult for us since we are used to having high speed connections anywhere we go in … Continue reading

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Ed Hague Has Left the Building

Ed passed into the arms of his heavenly Father last Tuesday, Aug. 18th.  I had written this piece before he passed, but could not seem to post it. Maybe I just wanted to pretend that he was not dying…maybe it … Continue reading

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Mom Lessons: Forgive Us Our Trespasses…

Some years ago, in 2004 actually, I wrote a poem for my firstborn, and read it again this morning as she has just turned thirty.  A lot has happened in the last ten years–enough for a few more blog posts, … Continue reading

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Good Grief

Sometimes I write about our time in China, and the China peeps add their  “Oh yeahs” to my posts. Sometimes the topic is mothering, and what I learned so many years ago with three little eager faces looking at me … Continue reading

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Mom Lessons: Delayed Gratification…A Lost Art?

I began this post some months ago…and it is coming soon.  Have patience dear readers…I promise it is coming. Okay, on March 20 I began and here I am on July 4th finishing up! If that ain’t delayed gratification I … Continue reading

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Mom Lessons: Eat, Sleep, and Be Wary

When you first become a mom, you have no idea about…well about so very many things (but that is ok).  You probably will read, consult, pray, worry, think, reflect, process, and then eventually decide on some system or non-system to … Continue reading

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Grace and Peace to My Fellow Bubble Boys

Long before Seinfeld created a very funny episode called Bubble Boy, which always comes to mind when the Moors  are mentioned (which is not often enough to my mind), I read about a real Bubble Boy in one of my mom’s … Continue reading

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